Free Vector Graphics

What is free? You find plenty of Vector Sites where you can download stuff and use it – usually with a catch that you have to add a link (quite valueable) or run the risk of somewhat strange usage rights. (there is even always insecurity with cc image search at flickr or other places, if you are looking for free photos for your blog.)

Free, Freemium or Premium Vecotr Graphics?

Sure there are great examples for working with free Graphics like this, but if you are like us, you never trust „completly“ free 100%, there is always a catch somewhere. Anyways, here you find a few free Vector Graphics (which you can use when you place a link to our site somewhere) and premium Design Resources, which you can use completly free, without attribution, as long as you:

    1. Sell them as your own.
    2. Offer them for download somewhere else.

    Pretty simple. The rest of our graphics comes with a generous licence where you pay once, and can use for as long as you have the files. (the possiblity to download expires after 3 downloads and/or after the duration of your package 31 days or 365 days). As long as your package lasts you can download the new files that come to our site. After it expires you can still use them (just make sure you keep your recipe somwhere as we occasionally check for people who are even to cheap to pay our small price). We love what we do, which is why we choose to take money for it so we can produce more, pay others to create stuff for our users and pay for the fancy and shiny new things that we love.

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