Free Photos for Blogging

Finding the right images for blogging is next to impossible, there is always a catch. Either you don’t know if th licence you have (for example from flickr) is really working, as there might be people in it, or as there might be someone who uploaded some elses image to flickr, which means even though he gave you the right, he does not have the rights to give them to you.

There have always been Stock Agencys and since the rise of the internet, there have been micro stock agencys such as istockphoto, envato, shutterstock or fotolia. Yet there is still the problem of price. Almost everywhere you have to pay quite a lot of money to get the amount of images you need – and you still have to adopt to the rules those sites offer and obey them. It’s actually not that easy to use the images there are the rights differ quite a lot – especially when you want to use images for products that can make you money (ebooks or memberships sites).

Here you have found your place. We offer a small amount of photos free of charge – and the rest of the set for a fair price with a use as you like licence. Which means as long as you paid for it you can use it however you like it (without attribution), as long as you don’t

  1. Sell them as your own.
  2. Offer them for download somewhere else.
  3. Share them anywhere else

We won’t go complelty free. If you don’t like this you can go somewhere else and run the risk of paying quite a lot more due to legal fees (which we think are quite fair if you don’t care for the artists creating the stuff).

We upload once per month with different images. A set has something between 25 and 50 images. Ranging from business stock photos, to nature, to vector graphics.

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